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AndroFeme – Testosterone Hormone Replacement

AndrofemmeTestosterone Hormone Replacement

Androfeme – Now available on private prescription!

Androfeme Testosterone Hormone Replacement for Women.

What is testosterone?

It is one of the three female sex hormones, the other two are estrogen and progesterone. 25% is made in the ovary, 25% is made in a gland called the adrenal gland (located near the kidney) and 50% is made by chemical reactions in the fat & skin cells. Women have 10-20% of the amount of testosterone men have. In women testosterone is important for bone health, breast health, fertility, sex drive, menstrual health and vaginal health. Testosterone is important in  sex drive and orgasm by increasing dopamine (one of the pleasure chemicals in the brain).


What is Androfeme?

Androfeme is the only testosterone replacement that has been specially formulated and scientifically proven to be safe and effective for women. Up until now the testosterone replacements products were designed for men eg. Testogel . With this product women had to guess how much to use, with doctors advising to make each sachet last 8 days. Androfeme is licensed in Australia for female use and imported into the UK for private use under special regulatory approval. It is a 1% testosterone cream in a 50ml tube with a screw cap. The starting dose is 0.5ml/day ie 5mg per day. There is a plastic applicator included to measure out the amount. Each tube should last 100 days.

Does it work?

Androfeme has significantly improved sexual desire, frequency of sex, receptivity and initiation in women suffering from a low sex drive or libido 1,2.


Are there any side effects?

Side effects are rare, the commonest are acne and excess hair growth which can be reversed by reducing the dose.


How do I use AndroFeme?

Measure out 0.5ml of the cream, then apply it directly to a dry area of skin on your lower abdomen or outer thigh. Massage it into the area until absorbed. Typically it takes 30 seconds. Don’t use directly on the genitals. Don’t swim or shower for an hour after you have applied it. If you miss a dose you have 9 hours to remember, after that skip that application and wait till the next day. Missing a dose will not cause you any harm. No perfumes or moisturising creams should be used over the area you applied the Androfeme as these can affect absorption.


How do I get Androfeme?

We can prescribe and give it to you directly, once you have had a face to face consultation and a baseline testosterone blood test.

If you do not live locally you can arrange a telephone consultation. You will still need a baseline testosterone blood test. Sometimes your GP will do that for you. If that is not possible we can send you a blood test kit. The posted blood test kit is £150. You need to have a qualified healthcare professional draw the blood. Often your local private hospital can do this for you. There is likely to be a charge to do this of about £50. You then post the sample. If the blood test shows your testosterone is low and you have symptoms of a low testosterone, we will prescribe and post you the Androfeme.


How much does Androfeme cost?

We supply a 50ml tube of Androfeme for £120. That’s only around £1 a day based on the standard dose of 0.5ml/5mg per day.

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